The Features You Should Look For In Your Haulage Partner

14 July 2020
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Haulage is a very important part of many different industries, from mining to agriculture and everything in between. When you are looking to establish a haulage partner to take part of the transportation side of your company it is easy to just pick the first one that you think looks okay. But before you sign any contract, consider a few of the features that you will want moving forward. Here are three features you should look for in your haulage partner — they are not too difficult to find if you spend a little bit of time looking. 

Fleet Size

Not all haulage companies have the same access to the variety of vehicles that you will want. Haulage is not as simple as just a bunch of trucks carrying items around; there are many specialised vehicles that carry large loads, awkwardly sized loads and extremely heavy loads. You want to know that your haulage partner can take care of these needs if the situation should ever arise, so make sure to ask them about the size of their fleet, their maximum hauling capacity and whether or not they have extendable trailers, dollies and vessel carriers.

Well-Maintained Fleet And Premises 

You can tell a lot about a haulage company from how well-maintained their vehicles are, so if you have the chance to visit their main site in person, you should take it. Have a look at the facilities the vehicles are stored in. Check if the trucks and trailers show any noticeable signs of wear and tear, and ask them how long most vehicles go between services. This information is key to knowing how reliable your haulage partner will be when it comes to maintenance. The last thing you want is for deliveries to be delayed because of poorly maintained transportation. 

Good Track Record

The best indicator of a haulage company's quality is how much business they do with other companies in the area. You want to find a haulage company that has a long relationship with many local and large companies. While this doesn't mean you should completely avoid newer haulage businesses, it does mean you should be a little more cautious with them. Perhaps sign a shorter contract with newer businesses so that you aren't locked into anything long-term, and then see if they meet your standards. If they do, then you might have found yourself a cheap, quality alternative to the bigger haulage companies. 

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