Events Perfectly Suited to Luxury Car Hire

13 December 2016
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There are many ways to add a little extra sparkle to a special event: choosing an outfit that makes you feel great or being sure to pamper yourself beforehand can give you a spring in your step and get your event off to a great start. Another option to make a celebration extra special is to hire a luxury car to take you to the event; ensuring that you arrive in style. Read More 

Bringing Fun Into The Infamous “Museum Trip”

13 May 2016
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Outdoor learning activities have an important role to play in helping students to achieve various learning objectives. This is the basis on which learning institutions justify the expenditure on school trips. A visit to the local museum is one of the most common school trips that teachers and school administrators organize for students at one point or the other. This article provides two ideas that students can use to kick some fun into the infamous class trip to the museum. Read More 

Ways To Effectively Manage Perishables In Your Business

23 March 2016
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Your ability to keep food products fresh in your grocery store or restaurant will be determined by how well you store them. Perishables ought to be stored in a chilled or frozen state, and it's important you invest in business systems and equipment that can get you the best storage for your products. Below are storage tips for perishables you should know as an investor in the perishables industry. In-house Cold Storage  Read More