Ways To Effectively Manage Perishables In Your Business

23 March 2016
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Your ability to keep food products fresh in your grocery store or restaurant will be determined by how well you store them. Perishables ought to be stored in a chilled or frozen state, and it's important you invest in business systems and equipment that can get you the best storage for your products. Below are storage tips for perishables you should know as an investor in the perishables industry.

In-house Cold Storage 

Invest in an appropriate cold room that is sufficient to meet your needs. Consult cold room providers and get the right size, and also have your room placed at the most convenient location. If you deal with a myriad of products that require different temperatures, you can consider having a freezer room as well.

Before summer, ensure you carry out a pre-summer maintenance procedure. This procedure involves checking whether your cold room is in a position to withstand temperature changes and handle the extra workload. Also, avoid overloading your cold room such that air cannot freely flow. If your cold room is overcrowded, it will lead to blockage of the evaporator because of ice accumulation. As a result, heat will accumulate and lead to massive losses.

Perishables Storage System

You should adopt a First-In, First-Out policy for your store be it in the general store or cold room. You can do this by partitioning your store or cold room and labelling each section. For example, you can label partitions by date of arrival, or duration of storage to avoid any confusion.

Also, instead of buying ready fruits, you can opt to buy them halfway ripe and store them for ripening. You will thus be able to prevent over-ripening or selling them not yet ready. Also, remember storing fruits that are not fully ripe in your freezer interrupts ripening and may damage the fruits.

Use Refrigerated Transport

When moving your goods across branches, for events purposes, or shipping them to another continent, ensure they are refrigerated. Perishables easily go bad, especially in summer. Invest in a portable cold storage or contract refrigerated transport providers to handle the preservation of goods in transit.

Refrigerated transport can be custom made to fit your specifications. Also, inquire from your provider whether your goods will be insured in case anything goes wrong while goods are under their care.

Otherwise, you can buy a portable cold storage or hire one for a given duration of time for events or after your goods have been offloaded after transportation. The cold storage will help you have chilled products for an event, or help you organize for transfer of goods to their intended final destination after they've been shipped.

It is convenient, time-saving, and economical to have a good storage system if you trade perishables.