How to Choose a Refrigerated Transport Company

20 May 2021
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Refrigerated transport services are ideal for people and businesses that would want to transport temperature-sensitive products. Finding a reliable refrigerated transport service that suits your needs can be challenging. Below is a guide discussing some factors that you should consider when hiring a refrigerated transport company. 

Examine Their Suitability 

The company should easily integrate with your business operations. Ideally, the company should specialise in the transportation of similar or related products. For example, if you intend to transport pharmaceuticals, you should consider companies that understand the precautions that should be taken when transporting pharmaceuticals. You should also check the company's scope of operation. For example, while some refrigerated companies offer services within your state, others will offer interstate and international transport services. Remember to ensure that the company has a valid operating licence from the relevant government bodies. 

Assess Their Refrigeration Transport Practices

Below are some best practices that the company should observe when transporting your products: 

  • The company must understand the optimum transportation temperatures and product life cycle of what you intend to transport. For instance, crabs must be transported within 48 hours.
  • The company should understand how to prepare the product for transport. For instance, farm produce must be cleaned and sorted before being packed.
  • For interstate or international refrigerated transport, the company should have a sufficient understanding of the cold treatment protocol for both countries.
  • The company should monitor the product during transport. Besides, they must document the refrigerated transport process from the pick-up to the delivery point. 

Inquire About Their Available Services

The company should offer a wide range of cold chain services. For example, other than transportation, they should also provide cold storage services to keep your products at optimum temperatures before customers pick them. Some companies will go a mile further to offer cold processing and distribution services. For instance, farm produce transported in crates could be packed in cartons or plastic containers. 

Check Their Pricing and Terms of Service

The company should have a flexible pricing strategy. It is especially so if you seek a long-term engagement with the company. Typically, they should allow you to review the standard charges to ensure they are consistent with the current market trends. It is a sure way to protect your business from spending a fortune on transportation. Consider companies that insure the products in transit. Some companies will allow you to monitor your products remotely. Additionally, they will give a shipping guarantee. 

When hiring a refrigerated transport company, assess the company's suitability, refrigerated transport practices, available services, terms, and pricing.