Tips for Tipping Airport Shuttle Drivers

14 October 2017
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Tipping is a norm in many service industries, including hotel and hospitality, beauty, travel and tourism, transport, etc. Generally speaking, you tip someone when you are pleased with the quality of service they have rendered to you. However, tipping norms vary from industry to industry and from service to service, and it is important that you understand tipping rules and etiquette for a particular service before you tip someone to show your appreciation for great service.

Thinking about how you can tip an airport shuttle driver and you don't have a clue about how to go about it? Here's some tipping etiquette for you to follow:

Find out how much is appropriate to give.

The first and most important thing you need to do before tipping your driver is to know how much you should give. Generally speaking, the tip amount should be based on the total cost of the service booked, but when drivers go out of their way to ensure that their passengers are safe and comfortable, or when they help passengers to load and unload heavy baggage, it is always appropriate to give a more substantial amount.

Have the exact tip amount.

After your driver has dropped you off at the airport, at your home or at the hotel you will be staying, they will probably need to get going quickly so they can drop off other passengers to their designated destinations. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have the exact tip amount so you do not have to cost your driver schedule delays by asking for change. Keep in mind that airport shuttle drivers may not always have change to give you, and it's awkward not to tip your driver simply because they did not have change on hand.

A simple "thank you" while tipping is always appreciated.

As obvious as it may seem, saying "thank you" when you are tipping your driver is always much appreciated. It's a courteous thing to do after receiving great service, but also a good gesture toward drivers that go all-out to provide their passengers with the best service possible. 

Tipping is a small but great way to show appreciation toward employees after receiving excellent service. Knowing how to tip your airport shuttle driver the right way will go a long way to ensure that they strive to be the best at what they do. For more tipping advice, you can consult your preferred airport shuttle service.