Party Bus Hire for Your Pub Crawl: 3 Things to Consider

9 January 2018
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Whether it's a birthday party, a bucks night or anything else that warrants celebration via the consumption of large quantities of alcohol, there's something truly Australian about the good old pub crawl. Rather than a drunken free-for-all, getting lost and becoming stranded when you realise that there's no train back to your neighbourhood for another five hours, you should consider the possibility of hiring a party bus. It can be surprisingly cost effective if everyone chips in, and although it sounds like a contradiction, it allows a rowdy evening to run in an orderly fashion. So what are some of the things you should be considering when arranging a party bus for your pub crawl?

1. Getting the Party Started as Soon as Possible

You might want to get the drinking underway as soon as possible, but you can't assume that this will automatically be OK on the actual party bus. For some people, not being able to drink while en route might be a dealbreaker, and no judgement, but you're going to need to check. There might be state legislation prohibiting the consumption of alcohol on a chartered bus, or it might be a restriction imposed by the party bus hire company themselves. And of course, while it's a party evening, please drink responsibly.

2. Plan Your Route

Sure, a party bus is like having a vehicle and driver… up to a point. It's generally not as though you can jump in and ask the driver to drive you wherever the mood takes you. You'll need to have a predetermined route, and while some deviations can be possible, there might be a petrol surcharge, so too many spontaneous deviations can increase the rental price (as well as causing unexpected delays to your approximate schedule).

3. When the Evening Comes to an End

In the instance of a pub crawl, you might want to think about your transport options for when it becomes time to go home. The party bus could wait for you, but this means that your evening will need to be over by a certain hour, and this might not be practical. If there's a special event on when taxis might be scarce or there might be surge pricing imposed by other transport providers, then it might be in your best interests to have the party bus hang around (even though this will mean you pay a bit more). The simplest solutions can also be the best, so before you decide anything, check your local public transport timetables too.

There's no reason why a pub crawl can't be both fantastically rowdy as well as being orderly (and safe). A party bus can go a long way to help with this!