5 Reasons to Hire a Party Bus for Your Bucks Night Bar Crawl

8 December 2018
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Bar crawls are an immensely popular way to spend bucks parties, but putting them together can be tough. One of the best ways to make sure the night is one to remember in the right way is hiring a party bus.

Here are just five reasons you should get a bucks party bus hire for your bucks night bar crawl.

1. Easy to Get Around 

The most obvious benefit that comes with hiring a party bus for your bucks night bar crawl is also the most attractive: you'll find it easy to get around. Instead of having to look at public bus schedules, organise taxis, find a designated driver or even walk, you can simply stroll out of one bar straight onto the waiting party bus. It's easier, and there's less risk of anyone being left behind.

2. Party Between Venues

The time you spend in each bar is obviously going to be great, but the downtime between bars can sometimes start to drag, even if you do arrange transportation without a hitch. Hiring a party bus means the fun never has to stop. With everything from stocked bars to premium sound system inside, a party bus is just as much fun as the bars you visit.

3. Visit the Best Places

When you're arranging your own bar crawl, it can sometimes be tough to put together the right route. If you're worried about transportation, you might have to keep to just a small part of the city you're in – the same is true if you're worried about people getting bored between places. A party bus fixes that problem since it can take you wherever you need to go. Better yet, party bus organisers can help point you towards hot spots you might not even know about.

4. Tempting Offers

As you might have guessed, party buses do a lot of business with bar and club crawls. Since they can bring a healthy number of people, many party bus organisers can provide you with great incentives and deals – that could be anything from getting into popular places without queuing to getting a free drink once you're inside.

5. Arrive Like Something Special

Finally, keep in mind how much cooler it is to roll up to bar in a party bus rather than a taxi. Your bucks party is a time to stand out and have one of the best nights of your life, and making a grand entrance at every bar you visit helps make that happen.